Yaesu DR 2X Repeater: Part 1 - An overview and set up (including DP-ID)

Yaesu DR 2X Repeater: Part 1 - An overview and set up (including DP-ID)

System Fusion dr-2x

Yaesu DR-2x Repeater
At Hamvention last year the new DR-2X was announced and on display in the Yaesu booth. The first thing that pops into my head is, “cool, an upgraded repeater that has a bunch of new features and works better than the DR-1x that we bought about a year ago.

However, the more I read about it, I realized it isn’t really an upgraded one it’s just a different one. Each of the two has something that the other one doesn’t. Which strikes me as crazy that a newer model doesn’t have all the same features as an older one does and then some.

So what the DR-1X have that the DR-2X doesn’t, you ask? Well it seems that you can’t use the WIRES-X directly on the repeater. I don’t really see this as much of a big deal, seeing that I’m sure someone will make a work around for it.

On the flip side of this though the DR-2X has a few features on it that I find really interesting.

DR-2X Brochure

DR-2XE-PROMO Yaesu System Fusion FM/C4FM Repeater Incentive Price 1199.00

DR-2XE-PROMO Yaesu System Fusion FM/C4FM Repeater Incentive Price 1199.00 €
300 $ cashback directly from Yaesu

DR-2XE System Fusion II – Installation Support Program

As with the predecessor Yaesu offers an incentive to the amateur radio community to purchase this repeater. With the DR-2XE there will be two levels of financial support:

Purchase of a new DR-2XE: Here Yaesu offers an incentive of von 300 € to the dealer, which we pass directly to the end customer. To use this incentive please order the product 'DR-2XE-PROMO'. At the same time of your order we need the filled out application form. With out this form we cannot offer the promotional price.


Yaesu DR2 Wires-X connectivity

The following is a correction from Yaesu Japan on the DR2 Wires-X connectivity.

"An important point to note however is that the DR2 does not support Wires-X via the IMRS but does over the air, so is not a replacement or upgrade for the DR1 repeater. The DR1 will continue to be produced for those wishing to grow the Wires-X network."

YAESU's System Fusion Repeater - DR-2X

The DR-2X comes with new exciting features, such as Dual Receive Operation, Digital Group ID Feature, and IMRS feature - Internet-linked Multi-Site Repeater System.

  • Dual Receive Operation allows the repeater manager to control the repeater operation while other members are using the repeater.
  • Digital Group ID feature on C4FM could be used like CTCSS on analogue FM repeaters.
  • IMRS, Internet-linked Multi-Site Repeater System with optional board is used when the repeaters are linked through Internet for wider coverage operation.