440 repeater network linked by Allstar Mixed Mode Input and Allstar

440 repeater network linked by Allstar Mixed Mode Input and Allstar

Basically the big caveat is that the DR2X if placed in the external controller mode, the transmitter looses internal PL injection and an external PL is required. I developed a $5 Arduino nano that would create any one of the standard PL tones and inject it into the DB 15 pin connector.. .
Which is another problem.

The DR2X external controller looks like a VGA 3 row DB15 connector except you can't use a VGA cable as not all 15 pins are available or used. First I ordered just the connectors and figured I'd save money making my own connector, the DB15 literally melted as I soldered pins. What crap we got picking up connectors at a swap-n-shop from some vendor.
I remember I had to order a high density (3 row) DB-15 1 to 1 patch cable from one of the electronic suppliers like Digikey or Mouser.It was about $15 plus $8.95 shipping. Then cut it in half, and ring out the colors to the pins. The cable I did buy had a "frame ground"- bare wire, which I felt was a quality touch. 

Yaesu DR 2X Repeater: Part 1 - An overview and set up (including DP-ID)

Yaesu DR 2X Repeater: Part 1 - An overview and set up (including DP-ID)

System Fusion dr-2x

Yaesu DR-2x Repeater
At Hamvention last year the new DR-2X was announced and on display in the Yaesu booth. The first thing that pops into my head is, “cool, an upgraded repeater that has a bunch of new features and works better than the DR-1x that we bought about a year ago.

However, the more I read about it, I realized it isn’t really an upgraded one it’s just a different one. Each of the two has something that the other one doesn’t. Which strikes me as crazy that a newer model doesn’t have all the same features as an older one does and then some.

So what the DR-1X have that the DR-2X doesn’t, you ask? Well it seems that you can’t use the WIRES-X directly on the repeater. I don’t really see this as much of a big deal, seeing that I’m sure someone will make a work around for it.

On the flip side of this though the DR-2X has a few features on it that I find really interesting.

DR-2X Brochure

DR-2XE-PROMO Yaesu System Fusion FM/C4FM Repeater Incentive Price 1199.00

DR-2XE-PROMO Yaesu System Fusion FM/C4FM Repeater Incentive Price 1199.00 €
300 $ cashback directly from Yaesu

DR-2XE System Fusion II – Installation Support Program

As with the predecessor Yaesu offers an incentive to the amateur radio community to purchase this repeater. With the DR-2XE there will be two levels of financial support:

Purchase of a new DR-2XE: Here Yaesu offers an incentive of von 300 € to the dealer, which we pass directly to the end customer. To use this incentive please order the product 'DR-2XE-PROMO'. At the same time of your order we need the filled out application form. With out this form we cannot offer the promotional price.


Yaesu DR2 Wires-X connectivity

The following is a correction from Yaesu Japan on the DR2 Wires-X connectivity.

"An important point to note however is that the DR2 does not support Wires-X via the IMRS but does over the air, so is not a replacement or upgrade for the DR1 repeater. The DR1 will continue to be produced for those wishing to grow the Wires-X network."

YAESU's System Fusion Repeater - DR-2X

The DR-2X comes with new exciting features, such as Dual Receive Operation, Digital Group ID Feature, and IMRS feature - Internet-linked Multi-Site Repeater System.

  • Dual Receive Operation allows the repeater manager to control the repeater operation while other members are using the repeater.
  • Digital Group ID feature on C4FM could be used like CTCSS on analogue FM repeaters.
  • IMRS, Internet-linked Multi-Site Repeater System with optional board is used when the repeaters are linked through Internet for wider coverage operation.